Art Research Paper Topics

What is the research paper topic?

This is a work that is a review of other sources, a collection of research results, researchers’ points of view. A research paper is a text that a student writes on a topic. For what? To explain the topic and conclude it.

It can be said that a research paper is simply an indicator that the student read the information on the topic, collected key phrases, and briefly described the history of the study of a scientific problem.

Therefore, the topic of the research paper is important for the student.

How to Select the Best Art Research Paper Topics?

The research paper topic is the first step towards an A grade. The student knows that the topic of the work must be clear and precise. You can’t deviate from the topic, so you need to immediately imagine the goal of the study and the plan in your head. The topic will be the guiding star in this case.

It is written on the title page and then revealed in the content. Each chapter and paragraph should be devoted only to it.

The topic usually consists of 5-10 words. One topic reveals one scientific problem.

Choosing a topic is not difficult if you know exactly what interests you at the moment, what problem worries you more than others. If you can’t immediately understand what you would like to know, try asking yourself such questions:

  • What interests me the most?
  • What do I want to write about first?
  • What allows me to get the best grades in this discipline?
  • What would I like to learn more about?

If these questions don’t help, ask your teachers, ask your parents, and talk to classmates about the future topic. Maybe someone will come up with an interesting idea. You can also check out our list of research paper topics about art.

List of Art Research Paper Topics – 20 Ideas

  1. Baroque, its characteristic features, ideals, and visual means.
  2. The workmanship of the Hellenistic era.
  3. The architecture of Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia in the 1st millennium BC. e.: comparative characteristic.
  4. The main stages in the formation of the artistic heritage of Ancient Mesopotamia.
  5. Critical realism of the 19th century in artistic culture.
  6. Romanticism as an art movement.
  7. The workmanship of classical Greece.
  8. The workmanship of Mesopotamia and Egypt in the 4th millennium BC: comparative characteristic.
  9. Neorealism in Italy. Monumental and easel works by Manzu.
  10. Sculpture as monumental-synthetic workmanship. Bourdelle.
  11. New monuments of monumental sculpture.
  12. Architecture and sculpture of Ancient Greece.
  13. Synthetic workmanship of Siqueiros.
  14. The artistic culture of Rome in the period of the Empire.
  15. Neorealism in Italy after World War II. Guttuso.
  16. Landscape in French art of the 1st half of the 20th century. Mark. Utrillo.
  17. Ideas of the Enlightenment and their influence on artistic culture.
  18. The artistic heritage of Rome in the period of the Republic.
  19. Early Christian artistic heritage of Byzantium.
  20. Le Corbusier and Constructivism in France.

15 Interesting Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Sentimentalism as an art style.
  2. Culture of the Macedonian Renaissance in Byzantium.
  3. The knightly artistic culture of the European Middle Ages.
  4. Historical conditions for the formation of the artistic culture of the European Middle Ages.
  5. Features and periodization of Byzantine artistic heritage.
  6. The artistic culture of the Italian Renaissance.
  7. Postmodernism and its influence on artistic culture.
  8. Architecture after World War II. Niemeyer.
  9. The artistic heritage of the Palaiologos era in Byzantium.
  10. The search for artistic style at the end of the 19th century (impressionism, symbolism, decadence).
  11. Monumental workmanship in the educational activities of culture.
  12. Sculpture of France in the 1st half of the 20th century.
  13. Romanesque and Gothic styles of European art.
  14. Features of decorative and applied workmanship of Egypt.
  15. Classicism, its artistic canon, and ideals.

15 World Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Sculpture and painting of Assyria, Babylonia, and Persia in the 1st millennium BC. e.: comparative characteristic.
  2. The work of Mies van der Roer.
  3. The artistic heritage of the Northern Renaissance.
  4. Functional architecture in 1920s Germany. Gropius and the Bauhaus.
  5. Literature and workmanship of Mesopotamia and its connections with religion.
  6. Left Expressionism in Germany. Dicke, Gross, Grunding, Kollwitz.
  7. Religion and art of Ancient Egypt.
  8. Wright and the School of Organic Architecture in the USA.
  9. Graphics and sculpture in Germany. K. Kollwitz.
  10. The Artistic Heritage of Homeric Greece and the archaic period.
  11. The Art of Sumer, Akkad and the Third Dynasty of Ur: Comparative Characteristics.
  12. Graphics and paint by Masereel, the originality of his style.
  13. The workmanship of the Middle East in the II millennium BC. e. Major centers and monuments.
  14. Temple construction in the Egypt New Kingdom.
  15. Workmanship and industrial modeling.

10 Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

  1. Minimalism in graphic design.
  2. The crisis of culture of the XX century and its impact on artistic culture.
  3. European modernism in artistic culture.
  4. European painting of the XX century.
  5. European architecture of the 20th century.
  6. Minimalism in the architecture of the XX century. Japan.
  7. Revolutionary workmanship of the XX century. The role of minimalistic graphics.
  8. Traditions of world workmanship in the work of young artists.
  9. The minimalist movement in the USA.
  10. The minimalism of the last decades of the XX century.

10 Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Dutch Renaissance.
  2. High Renaissance in Venice.
  3. Titans of the High Renaissance.
  4. Florentine school in the 5th century.
  5. Value foundations of the Era of Renaissance.
  6. Sociocultural foundations of the Renaissance and features of the artistic culture of this period.
  7. Culture and the birth of a new world in the 15th century.
  8. Ideas of the monumental workmanship of the Renaissance.
  9. Painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Palace.
  10. Beginning of French Renaissance in the middle of the XV century.

10 Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. The emergence of artistic culture.
  2. Features of artistic heritage in the primitive era.
  3. The construction of the pyramids in ancient Egypt: the main stages, forms, the most prominent monuments.
  4. The development of round sculpture in Egypt of the Ancient, Middle, and New Kingdoms: distinctive features of different stages of the existence of round sculpture.
  5. Reliefs and paintings in the tombs and temples of the Ancient and Middle Kingdoms: comparative characteristics.
  6. Reliefs and paintings of the 18th dynasty, Amarna workmanship, the second half of the New Kingdom: comparative characteristics.
  7. Sculpture of Egypt and Mesopotamia in the III millennium BC. e.: comparative characteristic.
  8. The decor of architectural structures of Egypt and Mesopotamia in the III millennium BC. e.: comparative characteristic.
  9. Amarna art and the workmanship of the second half of the new kingdom: general and special.
  10. The development of the mortuary complex in the era of the Middle and New Kingdoms.

An Ancient Art Research Paper Topics – 25 Examples

  1. Architecture and Fine Arts of Ancient Greece.
  2. Athens Acropolis.
  3. The lyrical world of Praxiteles.
  4. The legacy of the Aegean civilization in the development of the artistic culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.
  5. The development of sculpture in the art of ancient Egypt.
  6. Antique realism.
  7. The workmanship of Western Asia.
  8. Heritage of ancient culture.
  9. Religion and mythology of Ancient Greece in art.
  10. The great city is Babylon.
  11. Cretan-Mycenaean heritage.
  12. Great discoveries in the field of archeology in ancient Egypt.
  13. The creativity of Scopas.
  14. Religion and Art of Ancient Egypt.
  15. The connection between the art of the Ancient East and ancient art.
  16. Creative methods of the architects of Western Asia.
  17. From immobility to the movement (development of monumental plastics and sculpture in Ancient Greece).
  18. Megalithic buildings.
  19. The origins of painting as a genre (on the example of primitive art).
  20. The image of a man in the art of ancient Egypt.
  21. Athletes Myron and Polykleitos.
  22. The workmanship of Ancient Egypt.
  23. Architecture and urban planning of Western Asia.
  24. Urban planning and architecture of ancient Egypt.
  25. Humanism of the Art of Ancient Greece.

10 Art Research Paper Ideas

  1. Architecture and sculpture of Ancient Rome.
  2. The main stages in the formation of ancient Egyptian artistic culture.
  3. General characteristics of ancient Greek workmanship (periodization, archetypes, natural and historical, and cultural features).
  4. The urban artistic heritage of the European Middle Ages.
  5. Natural historical and cultural features of Ancient Mesopotamia and the most important characteristics of its culture.
  6. Industrial society of the 19th century and its influence on artistic culture.
  7. Revival of monumental painting in Mexico. Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros.
  8. Crete-Mycenaean workmanship.
  9. Greek theater (architecture, sculpture).
  10. Rococo, its characteristics and features.

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