Chemistry Research Paper Topics

How to Select the Best Chemistry Research Paper Topics?

Most often, the topic of a chemistry research paper is chosen randomly, sometimes even considering issues that the student has never heard of before and has no idea.

In general, there are three ways to choose a topic:

  • Topics are offered to students with the agreement with the teacher.
  • From the proposed list, which the teacher recommends.
  • On the advice of teachers, friends.
  • To take it from our list of chem research paper topics.

Regardless of how the topic of the chemistry research paper was chosen, it should be:

  • To be interesting both for the student and the audience.
  • It should reflect the material presented in the textbook and have the effect of novelty.
  • Well-known. To be able to select the required number of sources of literature.
  • To reflect in the chemistry research paper several views on one problem, including presenting your own opinion.
  • Topics that are too abstract can be difficult to write because there are several issues to consider. It is more expedient to choose highly specialized topics so that the presentation of the material turns out to be consistent and logical in the end.

In addition, when choosing a chemistry research paper topic, you should pay attention to its wording. If possible, it should be short but clearly define the subject and object of the future chemistry research paper. The subject, as a rule, is what is to be researched, and the object is the area of ​​study of the subject. Thus, it turns out that the subject is part of the chemistry research paper object.

What Should the Topic of the Chemistry Research Paper Contain?

The topic of a paper may initially contain a chemistry research problem, which will greatly facilitate the search for information. Suppose the student can come up with a chemistry research paper topic independently. In that case, it is not always possible to immediately define the object and subject of chemistry research briefly. The topic should contain:

  • Keywords that clearly define the subject and object of chemistry research.
  • The problem that should be solved or highlighted.

In addition, the topic must be interesting, first of all, to you. Otherwise, goals and objectives will not be set correctly, and as a result, nothing good will come of it. We have created a list of the best chemistry research papers themes to make it easier to choose.

List of Chemistry Research Paper Topics – 20 Ideas

  1. Superconductors based on organosilicon.
  2. Gel technologies for enhanced oil recovery of heterogeneous reservoirs.
  3. Connective tissue heteropolysaccharides. Their role in the aging process.
  4. Physic-chemical principles of using viscoelastic compositions for acid treatments of the formation.
  5. Chemical-clinical laboratory diagnostics.
  6. Chemistry in sanitary rules and norms.
  7. The future belongs to environmentally friendly antifreeze.
  8. Chemical technologies in preventive medicine.
  9. Amorphous substances in nature, technology, everyday life.
  10. Laboratory and diagnostic study of air for pollution and impurities.
  11. Battery: structure, the principle of operation.
  12. The use of radioactive isotopes for technical purposes.
  13.  Ecology and cars, ways to solve the problem of urban pollution.
  14. Flushing liquids as dispersed systems. Model description of their rheological properties.
  15. Used preparations for basic hygiene measures.
  16. Coarsely dispersed systems, their classification, and use in professional activities.
  17. Environmental protection from chemical pollution. Quantitative characteristics of environmental pollution.
  18. Performed work in clinical and laboratory research on a spectrophotometer and spectrofluorometer.
  19. Dialysis is a practical application of the phenomenon of diffusion in medical research.
  20. Special fluids for the car in the modern market.

15 Organic Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Gas motor fuel – as an environmentally friendly type of fuel.
  2. Technologies for the destruction of emulsions in the oil treatment system.
  3. Solubility of gas in the oil. Effect of gas saturation on the physical and chemical properties of the oil.
  4. Polymeric materials for protection of metal structures against corrosion.
  5. Motor fuels for internal combustion engines.
  6. Dynamics of changes in the physical and chemical properties of the oil (density, viscosity, gas factor).
  7. Restriction of water inflow into production wells using oil polymer gels. Physical and chemical bases of influence.
  8. Oil as a dispersed system.
  9. Stability of water-oil emulsions. The role of natural oil stabilizers in the stability of emulsions. The mechanism of action of demulsifies.
  10. Safety measures when working with gasoline, antifreeze, lubricants.
  11. Rheological properties of crude oils. Classification by viscosity and density. Natural oil bitumen.
  12. The use of chelate compounds in laboratory diagnostics of the environment.
  13. Methods of microbiological impact on the formation. Influence of metabolites (products of vital activity of bacteria) – alcohols, aldehydes, acids, and CO2 on the rheological characteristics of formation fluids.
  14. Physic-chemical principles of using micellar-polymer systems to level the injectivity profile in injection wells and increase the displacement of residual oil.
  15. Carbon dioxide (CO2) injection technology. Factors determining its effectiveness for increasing hydrocarbon recovery.

15 Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Nitrous oxide increases the power of the car.
  2. Light construction materials: aluminum alloy.
  3. Isotopes of hydrogen.
  4. Application of solid and gaseous carbon monoxide.
  5. Modern ideas about the structure of the atom and the chemical bond.
  6. Antioxidant system. The role of mineral components in this system.
  7. Water as a reagent and medium for a chemical process.
  8. Application of solid and gaseous carbon monoxide.
  9. Plasma is the fourth state of matter.
  10. Allotropy of metals.
  11. Water in human life, technology, and agriculture. Ecology of water.
  12. Minerals and rocks as the basis of the lithosphere.
  13. Refining of metals.
  14. Protective protection against corrosion.
  15. The structure of alkaline and acid batteries.

10 Biochemistry Research Paper Topics

  1. Chemistry of biogenic elements.
  2. Chemical and biological equipment in a medical laboratory.
  3. Biochemical mechanisms of metabolic disorders in diabetes mellitus type I and II.
  4.  Biofuels are the fuel of the future.
  5. Biotechnology and genetic engineering are technologies of the 21st century.
  6. Mechanisms for the neutralization of xenobiotics. Characteristics of I and II phases of detoxification. The role of vitamins and minerals in the functioning of the detoxification system.
  7. Laboratory and diagnostic study of the soil for contamination and impurities.
  8. Use of modern chemical-clinical laboratory equipment in laboratories and departments of research and medical institutions.
  9. Cellular engineering of bone tissue.
  10. Methods of containment of infections by chemical preparations.

10 Interesting Chem Research Paper Topics

  1. Electrochemical corrosion, methods of dealing with it.
  2. Cryopreservation and vitrification of biological objects.
  3. Methods for obtaining environmentally friendly gasoline.
  4. Antiknock additives for gasoline.
  5. Supercritical state of matter. Applications and advantages of supercritical fluid technologies.
  6. Sedimentation stability of dispersed systems. Methods of its regulation.
  7. Methodology for the chemical assessment of the state of the human environment.
  8. Surface and capillary phenomena during formation fluid filtration. Capillary impregnation.
  9. Assessment of long-term consequences of radiation pollution for human health and society as a whole.
  10. Modern methods of water disinfection.

10 Chemistry Research Paper Ideas

  1. Wettability of rocks – reservoirs of oil and gas. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic rocks. The role of rock wettability in oil and gas displacement by water.
  2. Protection of the ozone shield from chemical pollution.
  3. Superconductors based on glass fibers.
  4. Review of physical and chemical methods for enhanced oil recovery.
  5. Application of nanosized materials in the industry. Size effect.
  6. Osmosis, reverse osmosis, dialysis and their applications. Membrane technologies.
  7. Classification of colloid-dispersed systems and methods to prepare them.
  8. The role of chemical control in public health.
  9. The use of suspensions and emulsions in construction.
  10. Physical and chemical bases of the method of alkaline flooding. Features of the interaction of alkaline reagents with reservoir oil.

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