Ethical Research Paper Topics

How to Select the Best Ethical Research Paper Topics?

Usually, the teacher gives the students topics for research papers. If you have a difficult topic, then try swapping with someone. Perhaps your topic will seem easy to someone.

If you do not understand the topic, go to the teacher and ask them to change it. The teacher can explain this topic to you or allow you to come up with a research paper topic yourself. For the latter, you need to come up with a good reason. For example, you can say that there is already a topic that fits your research paper.

How to Find Sources for Writing a Research Paper?

The right topic is the key to success. Therefore, choose an interesting and understandable topic for yourself, and you will be able to write a research paper quickly and easily.

The second step in writing a research paper is to find suitable literature sources. Most often, these are scientific articles, monographs, and textbooks. You can look at the literature given by the teacher in the list of topics. However, if there are no options, you will have to look for them yourself.

In total, you need to collect at least 7-10 sources. Add at least one monograph or one textbook. Look closely at the year of publication. It is allowed that the publication was released no earlier than 3 years from the current moment. You can add only 1-3 sources, which may be older. They must be authoritative and, at the same time, be authored by a famous scientist.

Also, if you use references to materials from other centuries in your research paper, you will need to indicate them in the list of references used.

Be sure to add links and footnotes. If you do not do this, the teacher will immediately notice. The teacher will note that you did not rely on a theoretical basis and did not use the reference list. Therefore, the more references and footnotes in the research paper, the better.

In addition, footnotes add volume to your work. Proper formatting helps save 2-3 pages. So, writing a research paper using them will be easier. To make your task even easier, we have prepared a list of ethics topics for the research paper. With these topics, it will not be difficult to find sources.

List of Ethical Research Paper Topics – 20 Ideas

  1. Justice: concept, types, forms of manifestation in the field of jurisprudence.
  2. Is the content of the judgment (verdict) based on law or morality?
  3. Types, forms, and means of moral education.
  4. Partnership and friendship as special types of communication.
  5. Reflection of moral and legal requirements for the professional activities of law enforcement officers in the main international agreements in the field of human rights protection.
  6. Ethics of relations between the head of a state institution and his subordinates.
  7. The category of honor is an assessment and recognition of the merits of law enforcement officers to society.
  8. The cultural standards of people under the tribal system.
  9. The cultural standards ideal and its relationship with reality.
  10. Honor and dignity of a person and forms of their manifestation.
  11. The role and importance of ethics in the activities of a modern specialist.
  12. The problem of the humanization of the penitentiary system.
  13. Engineer’s etiquette.
  14. Skepticism of the ethical theory of Montaigne.
  15. Moral requirements in the relationship of a civil servant with citizens.
  16. The moral foundations of the investigator’s behavior during the inspection of the scene.
  17. The meaning of life as a moral problem.
  18. Good and evil as the main ethical categories.
  19. The ethical and legal status of the death penalty
  20. Cultural standards and politics.

15 Ethical Issues Topics for Research Paper

  1. The human right for life: the moral aspect of euthanasia.
  2. The moral paradox.
  3. Simple norms of morality and their historical fate.
  4. Happiness as an ethical category.
  5. Ethical views of Socrates and Plato.
  6. National features of professional ethics.
  7. The culture of speech is one of the requirements of law enforcement officers.
  8. Moral norms, principles, public opinion as instruments of their regulation.
  9. Moral freedom and responsibility.
  10. Ethical requirements during interrogation.
  11. The problem of justice in morality.
  12. Scientific and technological progress and morality.
  13. Moral principles and norms of human communication.
  14. The cultural standards of an engineer.
  15. Norms and principles of professional ethics.

15 Easy Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. Essence, structure, and functions of morality.
  2. Naturalistic eudemonism in the ethical concepts of enlightenment.
  3. The presumption of innocence in the United States.
  4.  Basic ethical teachings in Ancient Greece
  5. Love as a moral value.
  6. Partnership and friendship as special types of communication.
  7. Anthropological ethics of L. Feuerbach
  8. Moral features of the defender’s speeches in court.
  9. The meaning and role of etiquette in the work of a lawyer.
  10. Ethical concepts of US Democrats.
  11. Business ethics and spirituality.
  12. Moral culture of the organization
  13. Culture standards of the entrepreneur.
  14. Ethics of business and business relations.
  15. Professional ethics: types and social roles.

10 Ethical Egoism Research Paper Topics

  1. Aristotle is a systematizer of Attic ethics.
  2. The place of morality in the spiritual life of society.
  3. Morality on the threshold of the 21st century.
  4. The structure of ethics and its main categories.
  5. Conscience is a moral regulator and forms of its manifestation.
  6. Implementation of the educational function of morality in the work of a lawyer.
  7. The subject and main stages of the formation of ethics.
  8. Ethical ideas of G. Hegel.
  9. The moral aspect of the correlation of violence and non-violence.
  10. Ethical features of the preparation and conduct of an investigative experiment.

10 Controversial Ethical Topics for Research Paper

  1. Evangelical culture standards are the basis of medieval European ethics.
  2. The ratio of morality and law. The ratio of goals and means to achieve them from the standpoint of the cultural standards of our time.
  3. Power and morality in a lawyer’s work: the problem of their relationship.
  4. The unity of the objective and subjective aspects of moral duty.
  5. Properties of morality as a specific form of social relations.
  6. Basic ethical teachings in the Middle Ages.
  7. Morality and religion.
  8. Cultural aspects of the identification.
  9. Cultural conflicts and their resolution.
  10. Ethics of professional relations with convicts.

10 Ethical Leadership Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of moral factors in the success of the professional activity.
  2. Corporate culture and ethics of the head.
  3. Culture standards of the entrepreneur.
  4. Leadership etiquette.
  5. Professional ethics and its features
  6. Moral components of the corporate culture.
  7. Professional ethics of the head.
  8. Service ethics of the modern leader.
  9. Professional morality in the information society.
  10. Professional activity and moral qualities of the employee.

10 Ethical Research Paper Ideas

  1. Types, forms, and means of moral education.
  2. Happiness is one of the ethical and philosophical categories.
  3. Ethical requirements for the investigator during the search.
  4. The hedonistic ethical doctrine of Epicurus.
  5. Culture standards of the head of the enterprise.
  6. Personal discipline is one of the basic requirements for the cultural standards of law enforcement officers.
  7. Etiquette is a necessity in the activity of a lawyer.
  8. Moral of the use of hypnosis and polygraph.
  9. Basic concepts of the origin of morality.
  10. Ethical aspects of resolving the issue of inadmissibility of evidence.

10 Interesting Ethical Research Paper

  1. The moral philosophy of the Ancient East: the service of Confucius, the ideal of Lao Tzu, the Buddhist ethics of self-improvement.
  2. Ancient ethics as a philosophy of virtue. Ethical rationalism of ancient philosophers. The main directions of ancient ethics.
  3. The rigorism of the ethical teachings of Plato, the Cynics, the Stoics. Moral imperatives of building an ideal state.
  4. The most important ethical teachings of the 20th century: the metaethics of emotivism and existentialism.
  5. Good and evil as the basic concepts of moral consciousness. Dialectics of the goal and the means to achieve it.
  6. Freedom as the basis of morality. Free will and moral responsibility of the individual.
  7. Duty as a regulator of human behavior.
  8. The concept of conscience. Shame and doubt as forms of manifestation of conscience.
  9. Justice, responsibility, and dignity as categories of moral consciousness.
  10. Love and friendship as categories of moral consciousness.

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